Gaynor believes that dogs have been both her teacher and her students and that there is no better way to learn than to observe dogs when they are running free and able to express their selves dog to dog in a natural way.

It takes skill and experience to run a pack of dogs that are meeting for the first time and Gaynor is fortunate enough to have experienced dogs in this way for over 15 years, with a wide variety of breeds even though she is a German shepherd specialist.

The way that dogs will accept other dogs is amazing to see. They quickly settle down and learn the rules as taught by the other dogs. Even aggressive dogs that are on a behavioural rehabilitation programme can successfully integrate without too much issue.

Dogs do not feel pity for dogs that have had a bad start with their previous owners; they teach the rules for safety and harmony and live in the moment.

Every week at the beginning and the end of the classes the dogs are allowed to experience running free and playing with their new furry friends to expend their energy and this helps them to be calmer and more well balanced.

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