Training and Experience

Dog on person aggression consultations are highly skilled work in which Gaynor has had a great deal of experience,she has worked with dogs that exhibit this behaviour for 15 years and attended courses with the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association and Middlesex University to expand her knowledge of this behaviour.

Gaynor has worked with all breeds of dogs and will deal with any dog no matter how serious the problem.

The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association of which Gaynor Probert is a canine behaviour practitioner, is approved by most pet insurance companies.

With a referral from your vet, you are able to come to her for a canine behavioural consultation.

These consultations can be held at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy or at your home.

Vet Referrals

Did you know: You can use your pet insurance to pay for a consultation if you're referred by your Vet!

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What to expect in a behavioural consultation.

Firstly Gaynor will talk about the problems you are having with your dog and what has led you to this point. This enables Gaynor to gather the relevant information in order to formulate an accurate picture to assist her with her diagnosis of your dog's aggression problem.

Then she will test your dog for its aggressive behaviour towards other dogs using A1K9 dogs as stooge dogs if necessary, enabling her to observe your dog's conduct which again aids in diagnosis. Gaynor will then work with your dog to evaluate what is the best way to rehabilitate him/her.

She will then explain what the problem is and what she believes is the most probable cause.

Once this is established, Gaynor will then show you the techniques and skills required to use whatever equipment she thinks would be best to rehabilitate your dog.

Gaynor may ask you to attend a behavioural modification programme or stay in touch via email or telephone, to enable her to monitor your progress. After the consultation she will write a full report and send a copy to your vet unless you request otherwise.