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Engagement training

Engagement training is a way of getting your puppy to pay you more attention and it is done in a fun and motivational way Gaynor will be teach you how to use touch or clicker training to motivate your puppy. This will prove invaluable as you progress to getting your dog to walk on the lead without pulling.

Follow me

She will show you how to get your puppy to stay close and look at you. This will help to teach your puppy not to pull on the lead and is also a foundation training technique for teaching your pup to come back to you when called.

Play with a toy

Playing with a toy is one of the great joys in the life of a puppy. I will show you how to harness this natural drive and use it to teach the pup how to retrieve the toy and bring it back to you. This will become a great way of exercising your pup and another way to engage with your puppy and get him keen to interact with you.

Prevent jumping up on people

This is an essential discipline to teach your puppy, Jumping up is learned by the pup at an early age and many people will accept this behaviour when the pup is little but when your pup is full grown it becomes unacceptable. I will show you how to get your pup to sit when they meet people. This is the dog equivalent to good manners.

Over the course of the six weeks on the junior course you will be developing your knowledge of engagement training and improving your relationship with your puppy, preparing the pup for the future training throughout their lives.

Jeanette and Mbali

Gaynor is so inspirational and the support & guidance is outstanding. With a young puppy it's so hard to remember everything you need to do whilst training but the patience and reassurance from Gaynor and her team makes training so much fun and rewarding.

Such a professional, well organised setup and carrying incredible high standard however still with a friendliness, approachability and warmth I can't recommend highly enough. I truly feel privileged to be able to participate in the training courses. Hats off, and credit where credit is due. Gaynor Probert......omg she's good!

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