Now you are ready to continue to develop your dog training skills. Cementing what you have already learned, and preparing your dog for off lead obedience.

You will be mastering, new and exciting disciplines, with greater distractions.

You Will Learn

Change of pace

Gaynor will teach you how to train your dog to go at the same pace as you, as you change from normal, fast, and slow paces while you are on the move. Changing the pace that you walk increases the dog's interest in what you are doing.

Recall with distraction

Recall is reinforced,this time with the distraction of other people, with their dogs on lead walking around you. Problem solving is done as we go, giving guidance and advice as it is needed. When you have called the dog back to you, Gaynor will show you how to get the dog to sit in front facing you. This makes it easy to put the dogs lead on when it is time to go home. This is called, the present.

Recall is like a muscle, the more you exercise it the stronger it becomes.

Retrieving an article.

This exercise is one that your dog will love. Gaynor will show you, how to get the dog interested enough in an article; to retrieve it. Then guide you, how to encourage him, to return to you, and release the article. This is great way to exercise your dog. It is a very positive way to play with your dog that he will never tire of. Once he likes this, you can use it, as a positive reward to teach him many other things.


Waiting is a natural part of a dog's life.

Teaching your dog to stay, is an extension of this, patience will be rewarded with your dog remaining in the same position, and relaxing. We will aim for a one minute stay in this class.

Instant down

Once shown the right techniques, you will be able to get your dog, to drop into the down position. It is also the beginning of teaching your dog, the safety down when off lead.


Agility courses are great fun, and dogs love the activity.

Dogs need to be over 12 months of age, to complete a full agility course.

Younger dogs, can enjoy some of the obstacles, such as going through the tunnels and controlled walking over raised walkways and learning to go through the weave poles. 

Over the six week silver course you will have prepared your dog for off lead obedience and have more control over your dog in different situations. And continued your dog's socialisation.

Keith and Magic

Hello Gaynor and everyone at A1k9

We have always grown up with a dog so when our last German shepherd passed away at the age of 5 due to lymphoma, we were devastated. The house seemed empty and we just sat around looking at each other. After a while we decided we would have another German shepherd and we bought this black bundle of fluff. We fell in love with him but as he grew, we found that he had a mind of his own and wanted to have his own way, we found it difficult to get him do what we wanted. We thought we were feeding him the wrong diet which could be making him hyperactive but we were wrong - the simple truth was that he needed more discipline.

We phoned A1K9 and explained the situation to a very pleasant lady called Gaynor and she suggested that we attend training classes. WHAT A LIFE SAVER. After going to classes regularly, handler and dog have improved greatly. We still attend classes and find that he is learning something new all the time. When Magic goes off and does his own thing the rest of the class see the funny side but he's learning to be a good boy now.

We would like to say thank you to Gaynor and her assistants for their patience and understanding with Magic and handler. Lots of thanks to you all

Magic, Keith and Annette

Answer: Yes you can, if your dog is at the relevant obedience level.
Answer: Yes you do have to book into the Silver obedience course, as this is a course that runs for six consecutive weeks.
Answer: Because the people in the obedience courses are constantly on the move and changing direction, children have to sit on the side and watch. Many do, and they are welcome
Answer: No your dog does not need to have kennel cough vaccination to come to training classes, but their yearly vaccinations need to be up to date.
Answer: They are held at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy just outside Pontardulais. (See directions on website)
Answer: Collar, lead and some treats that your dogs like to eat. A Bring whatever you have and I will advise you what is best to use with your dog.
Answer: You should wear warm clothes and sturdy shoes as we will work outdoors whenever possible.
Answer: No it will be held indoors, in the training barn.

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