Congratulation you have passed your Gold test.

In this course Gaynor will teach you how to get your dog to do the following disaplins:

Change of pace advanced.

Heelwork and change of pace is practiced while weaving between other people and their dogs

Through a Door

Going through a door in a controlled manner is now practiced off lead.

Stop and drop

Gaynor will show you how to get your dog to stop and drop, it is also known as the emergency down. If ever you think, your dog is running into trouble you can use the emergency down.

Out of sight down.

In this class we will practice down stay, sit stay, and stand stay, plus stay while the handler goes out of sight for 4 minutes.

Advanced recall

Recall is also done with maximum distraction.

Advanced recall to heel.

Recall to heel is practiced with all the dogs doing this at the same time.

Distance control

Change of position is done from a distance.

Advanced sent work

Gaynor adds more of a challenge to the sent work when she hides the article and then your dog is commanded to find it.


The agility is done off lead as now you are able to have full control your dog.

In this course you will have taught your dog off lead control including distance commands.

All sorts of control under lots of different circumstances, this is obedience at the highest level.

As we said at the beginning, a well behaved dog is a joy to live with and when you have completed your courses with Gaynor Probert at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy, you can demonstrate that your dog can behave in the home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs in a manner that will reflect credit on you and your dog.

Dogs that have been trained and have good manners are more likely to be accepted in hotels or kennels and can be looked after by others should the need arise.

The dog's life is not curtailed because he does not behave.

Your dog can live a full and happy life, being with you and sharing your life wherever you are.

Glenda and Bryn

A big thank you to Gaynor for all the patient help and advice she has given in training me and our Working Cocker Spaniel Bryn. We started in puppy classes where he was affectionately(!!?) known as "The Pocket Rocket" and often seen as a black dot in the distance but Gaynor's support and expertise has seen our (continuing) progress through the ranks to the Platinum group.

Thanks again Gaynor! Your training means that Bryn can enjoy the freedom of a full and active life and it's a pleasure to be out and about with him. You made us work hard but we've had a lot of fun too.


Answer: Yes you can, if your dog is at the relevant obedience level.
Answer: Yes you do have to book into the Platinum obedience course, as this is a course that runs for six consecutive weeks.
Answer: Because the people in the obedience courses are constantly on the move and changing direction, children have to sit on the side and watch. Many do, and they are welcome.
Answer: You pay for the course on the first week when you arrive at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy.
Answer: They are held at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy just outside Pontardulais. (See directions on website)
Answer: No your dog does not need to have kennel cough vaccination to come to training classes, but their yearly vaccinations need to be up to date.
Answer: Collar, lead and some treats that your dogs like to eat.
Answer: Bring whatever you have and I will advise you what is best to use with your dog. Also, we sell good quality training equipment here at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy.
Answer: You should wear warm clothes and sturdy shoes as we will work outdoors whenever possible.
Answer: Sorry no you cannot, as the courses run in six consecutive weeks and you have paid for those dates.
Answer: No it will be held indoors, in the training barn.

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