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Heel work

Walking on a lead without pulling. How to teach your dog to walk on a lead correctly. Regular walks are essential, and are one of your dog's biggest rewards. When you achieve this, you will be able to enjoy, long relaxing walks with your dog.


Training you how to get your dog to come when called is fun and very often amusing. There are many pitfalls that you can easily fall into. Gaynor will  help you avoid them, and guide you as to how to get your dog, recalling back to you, for you both to enjoy the experience.

Sit and down

She will teach you how to get your dog to do the two safety positions. They are, sit and down. These are particularly useful when you are going to cross the road and you need the dog to be calm and controlled. This is the green cross code for dogs.

Meet a stranger

You will be taught how to keep your dog in control at your side, while you meet and have a conversation with a friendly stranger.

You and your dogs safety is always foremost in Gaynor's mind as you train your dog at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy. She will show you, how to get your dog to go through a door, in a safe and obedient manner. Teaching the dog to wait while you open the door, then either you go through the door together, or you will go first and the dog will follow.

At the end of this course she aims for you, and your dog to achieve a Bronze award.

Over the six weeks on the Bronze course, you will be mastering, the basics of on lead obedience, that are the solid foundations, you and your dog will rely and build on.


I have a 6 month old malamute and it is quite normal for the breed to be stubborn, ignorant, and generally Mischievous and Ozzy is all of these things.

Since coming to Gaynor at A1K9 for the Bronze Obedience Course some seven weeks ago I must say I thought I had my work cut out, but Gaynor has an amazing connection with all the dogs and her skills and experience shines through. The way she has taught me and Ozzy is absolutely amazing and I have now realised that I really have struck gold coming to class.

We have now started week one of the silver course and I am so pleased with our progress. My malamute Ozzy has shown me a different side of him which is amazing, THANK YOU GAYNOR AND YOUR STAFF!

P.S. if you are thinking about going to Gaynor, it's a no brainer! Just do it.

Chris Jones

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