Teaching an old dog new tricks

The list is endless of what an owner will tolerate from their dog and still be totally devoted to looking after and loving their pet.

When Gaynor asks why they accept this from their dog, she always gets the same answer; it is because apart from that behaviour the dog is so loving and a wonderful pet.

Many owners feel they have let the dog down, after trying umpteen different things that they have read about or seen on the television or the internet, they then conclude that it must be them but they don't know what to do about it.

Behavioural problems are an indication that the relationship you have with your dog is off balance.

This problem will not get better on its own.

Your first step should be to get professional help, seeking help while the problem is still in the early stages can save you from much heartache and worry.

Behavioural Consultations

Dogs are not born knowing how to behave, but dogs do have a far greater ability to change than people and with help from a professional behaviourist, that can give you a specialist behaviour modification programme and improve your knowledge and skills, you can create a healthy well balanced relationship with your dog.

The Canine and Feline Behaviour Association of which Gaynor Probert is a canine behaviour practitioner, is approved by most pet insurance companies.

Consultations with Gaynor can be held at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy or at your home.

What to Expect

Firstly Gaynor will have a chat about the problems you are having with your dog and what has led you to this point, so that she can gather the relevant information needed to formulate an accurate picture to assist her with her diagnoses of the behavioural problem.

Then Gaynor will test your dog for their behavioural responses, using our dogs as stooge dogs if necessary, or do whatever tests are relevant to your dog's behavioural problem, to enable her to observe your dog's behaviour to aid her in her diagnosis.

Gaynor will then work with your dog to evaluate what is the best way to rehabilitate him/her.

She will then explain what the problem is and what she believes is the most probable cause.

Once this is established, she will then show you the techniques and skills required to use whatever equipment she thinks would be best used to rehabilitate your dog.

You may be asked to attend a behaviour rehabilitation programme or to stay in touch via email or telephone for Gaynor to monitor your progress.

After the consultation Gaynor will write a full report and send a copy to your vet unless you request otherwise.

Vet Referrals

Did you know: You can use your pet insurance to pay for a consultation if you're referred by your Vet!

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Naughty Dog

We all know stories of a dog's extraordinary devotion to their owner, but I know of lots of stories of owner's extraordinary devotion to their dogs

  • Owners that have their flooring torn up, have their furniture chewed, have their cupboards opened and the contents torn up and strewn around.
  • Owners that suffer their dogs excessive boisterous behaviour.
  • Owners that get up at 5.00am or stay up till after midnight to walk their dog when no one is around because they can't control their dog.
  • Owners that cannot sit on their own settee while the dog is there because the dog will growl and bite them.
  • Owners whose dogs jump up on everybody and everything.
  • Owners who cannot go out without their dogs for fear of what they might do when left alone.

Ali the Rotti

Dear Gaynor,

Once again we would like to express our thanks to you for your visit to us and Ali William on November 14th and for the wonderful, detailed, thoughtful and comprehensive report that you have written and sent to us and to Ali's' Veterinary Practice.

It was a real pleasure to meet and spend the afternoon with you: an afternoon that has changed our daily lives dramatically for the better and which has resulted in peaceful pleasurable lives for Harry, myself and Ali.

Ali is a beautiful, intelligent, loving character with a marvelous temperament as you know. Now it is just up to us to persevere with your advice and training that has worked miracles from day one:we just have to "keep up the good work".

Ali had this year become most boisterous, destructive of our belongings and furniture and was acting like a very spoiled and naughty boy and that situation was unsustainable and we were nearly at the end of our tether.

You came into our home and transformed our lives and that of Ali's and we really cannot thank you enough.

We now have a contented boy who is learning everything very quickly and our time with him is now all pleasurable and it is marvelous to see how his behaviour has changed him into being relaxed, obedient and content.

We all hope to see you again in the near future. Many, many thanks.

Kindest Regards,

Harry, David and Ali William