Puppy Socialisation

Good socialisation is the best way to ensure a friendly, well-adjusted puppy.

Clicker training is one of the ways we teach puppies, its fun and all the family can join in..

Bronze Obedience

The two main objectives of this course is to teach you the owner, how to train your dog to walk on a lead without pulling and to get your dog to come back to you when they are called.

Silver Obedience

This course teaches you the next stage of dog training, cementing what you have learned and teaching you hands free training.

Gold Obedience

The Gold obedience course is for the enthusiastic dog owner to teach their dog off lead obedience and to respond to their commands when there are distractions around.

Platinum Obedience

This obedience course is for the real enthusiast, taking your skills to the highest level, with distance control and off lead obedience and agility.

One to One

This is a bespoke training session with the experienced and qualified dog trainer and behaviourist, Gaynor Probert who is the CFBA Practitioner of the year 2014. She will work on the aspects of dog training that you are finding difficult to resolve your problems.
Answer: Yes we have experience of training almost all breeds of dogs.
Answer: Yes you do have to book into the Bronze obedience course, as this is a course that runs for six consecutive weeks.
Answer: Because the people in the obedience courses are constantly on the move and changing direction, children have to sit on the side and watch. Many do, and they are welcome.
Answer: You pay for the course on the first week when you arrive at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy.
Answer: They are held at A1K9 Behaviour and Training Academy just outside Pontardulais. (See directions on website)
Answer: No your dog does not need to have kennel cough vaccination to come to training classes, but their yearly vaccinations need to be up to date.
Answer: Collar, lead and some treats that your dogs like to eat. We also sell good quality training equipment.
Answer: You should wear warm clothes and sturdy shoes as we will work outdoors whenever possible.
Answer: Sorry no you cannot, as the courses run in six consecutive weeks and you have paid for those dates.
Answer: No it will be held indoors, in the training barn.